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How much power can I safe by switching my lights to LED?

The standard 12v incandescent bulb used in RVs draws 1.5 amp. The average, high quality, LED light draws .3 amps and outputs 2x as much light. LEDs are about 10x as efficient at producing light when used in a 12v application. There are variables and sometimes the saving and efficiency can be even higher. We [...]

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Do I need to winterize my RV?

Yes. In this area we have mild winters but always have freezing temperatures that are cold enough to damage an RV water system. If you don't have the ability to store your RV indoors or with heat on, you will have something freeze up. The most commonly damaged items are faucets and toilet water valves.

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Do I need to use RV toilet paper?

Yes. All toilet paper is not made the same. RV toilet paper is designed to break down and drain easier for the health of your black water tank. Using the wrong paper can lead to clogs, leaking waste water valves and holding tank monitors that are inaccurate.

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How often do I need to pack my bearings?

The universal agreed time frame is annually, regardless of mileage. The mileage varies depending on the manufacture that you ask. The range is every 6,000-12,000 or annually, which ever comes first. The other consideration is brakes. They should be checked and adjusted every 3,000 miles or as performance dictates.

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